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Volunteer – Jente Ellenkamp (Holland)


My time with Global Impact Social Advisory has been really good!  I did 2 different projects with them.  My first one was in Malmesbury and I worked in a farm school for 4 months.  My host family was very nice!  After a while I really felt part of the family! We could talk a lot and we did a lot of stuff together!  It was always nice in the house and the food was very good! I also learned to cook some things myself and that was very nice!  Everything was very well organised!  From my bedroom to the food! It was all so nice!
My time in the school was great! I really got to know the kids there and their needs.  I also taught almost 80 children in the school how to play chess.  That was a lot of fun! And they really enjoyed it! I got such a good bond with them all. And also with the staff!  And GISA made this all happen. They choose the right family and the right school for me and made my 4 months worth the while! It was so great! It felt like i was part of everything and if there was anything that needed to happen or if i needed help GISA would always be there for me to help me out and make everything good! It’s nice to know that there is a good organisation that will provide everything they tell you.
My other project was in Philippi Children’s Centre.  I stayed here for 4 weeks.  Before, I actually had no plans for these weeks but GISA gave me some options and it worked out perfectly!  We made the arrangements that I would work at the centre on Monday,Wednesday and Thursday. And on Tuesday I would help out in Mfuleni to do the computer lessons for grown up women.  It was very nice to do different things. At the centre i was teaching grade R. And I got such a good bond with the kids! I even saw improvement with some of them and that was great!  At the computer class it was so good to see that these women actually wanted to learn and that they really enjoyed their time.  And sometimes when a class would be canceled or something came up GISA would come up with another plan for me.  I lived with a great host family in Grassy Park!  They welcomed me with open arms and I felt so comfortable there. They took the time to drop me at school every day and they made arrangements that the neighbour could pick me up everyday.  It showed that they really care! And we would also just have a nice time! And nice family diners with the whole family! They all welcomed me!  I had such a great time with them! And I’m very thankful for that!
Global Impact Social Advisory is a great organisation that will provide what they tell you and that will also help out when needed.

Thank You, Jente Ellenkamp  jentellenkamp@gmail.com